About Me

This is what I do.
For thousands of years, we have known that the best way to understand a concept is to explain it to someone else. “While we teach, we learn,” said the Roman philosopher. Hence born this website.


Long story short, I've completed my education in Actuarial Science from a prestigious university in the UK. I have multiple working experiences in many different industries. To name a few; Data Analyst in Malaysia biggest satellite TV provider, Technology Consulting in one of the big 4 consulting firm, Advisor in Malaysia startup ecosystem, Quants in FinTech, Data Scientist & Full-Stack Developer in one of the biggest spare part suppliers in mining industry in Indonesia (Partsindo).

During my tenure in Partsindo, I started off as a single backend developer, overtime I manages to build a solid team from zero & technology frameworks that was proven that it improves the company cost efficiency and increased sales through data-driven decision making & digitalization of the company. That was where it all started, and the rest was history

During my free time, I love discovering new tech stacks & data science projects. Any of those findings that I find it useful to most people, I will share it here in my website

Tech Stacks

Personally I have explored 30+ different technology stacks, but below are the stacks that my proficiencies towards it are intermediate level at very least.

Since the evolution of technology is always changing in a fast pace, this list will change from time to time.

html5 logo css3 logo js6 logo react logo gatsby logo odoo logo psql logo peewee logo python logo flask logo pandas logo numpy logo scikitLearn logo metabase logo netlify logo heroku logo

For techies out there, you must be wondering "weh you can do all those fancy tech stacks like gatsby & all, so why are u using basic vanilla html css js meh?"

You don't move a mountain by carrying it as a whole, you move it by moving one pebble at a time, and when you got stronger, you move bigger boulders

That is because i want all those beginners out there are able to fork this repository of mine without feeling overwhelmed, and treat this their boilerplate to create their own website too. Hence why I deliberately use these simple stacks so that they understand the codes easy & gave them the proper help and stepping-stone that they need!